Macrame Water Bottle Holder
Macrame Water Bottle Holder
Macrame Water Bottle Holder
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Macrame Water Bottle Holder

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Do you usually hold your water bottle with you when you go to the gym or go out? Well, this handmade water bottle holder is totally handmade from macrame cords with a strap design that is suitable for your different activities such as climbing, hiking, and sports. Are you a lover of sports, outdoor activities, biking, and adventures? Then, here is your new best companion! Be Friendly to the environment even when you drink your water!

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Meet the artist

Maryama Handmade

A Passionate Artisan from Irbid who Knots Fine Macramé Cords, Lujain AliAfter Lujain graduated from Pharmacy school in 2015, she immediately married and became a mother of twin boys. During her marriage, Lujain worked for more than three years in the academic field. However, with all of the pressures of... Read More

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