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Leather Wallet (Brown)

Seller: Les Aiguilles de Mossoul
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Unique brown leather wallet with many card slots and coin pocket. Its simplicity add to the elegance of the product.

Sold out 0.090 (kg) 13x11 (cm)

Les Aiguilles de Mossoul

Isabel Fleury is a 55-year-old French housewife with six children, currently living with her husband in Amman, Jordan. After moving to Amman, she began to notice the myriad of challenges facing refugees from the aftershocks of the Syrian War. She recognized that refugees need job opportunities to give them not only fulfillment, but a source of income. She had the idea to teach them how to knit in order to provide them with a sustainable income. Under Isabel’s leadership and encouragement, nearly 40 women meet each week to exchange conversation and laughter while knitting wonderful products that they will then share with the world. The experience has provided Isabel with inspiriting memories and stories from the women, whose products Isabel sells in France and Jordan. Isabel’s family also helps contribute to the cause.What makes each product unique is that each is produced with the hope for a better life, for all the women and men burdened from the war. The products are made of organic, local materials: the wool comes from Jordanian sheep and the natural leather used for the wallets are also sourced from Jordan. Each piece carries a story from the knitting needle that made it.Isabelle explains how this...

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