Layered Necklace in Gold
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Layered Necklace in Gold

Seller: Bedui Creative Studio
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We will 4 layers of modern and distinctive design! Locally designed, made of zinc alloy and gold plated. It is one of a group of Middle Eastern jewelry - amulets that are very popular within the region, and now all over the world. The whisper (which arose from the word "five", which means five in Arabic) is one of the ancient amulets, originated from the region and is believed to bring divine protection to its wearers and ward off the evil eye. The hamsa necklaces collection takes a modern and attractive touch with a glass tube packaging. Made of stainless steel material. It is also the most environmentally friendly mineral option, and 100% recyclable.

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Bedui Creative Studio

Bedui Creative Studio is a new concept brand, specialized in contemporary souvenirs from Jordan. Our brand aims to provide tourists and locals alike with souvenirs and gifts that are inspired by the Jordanian culture but with a contemporary take. The brand was launched in October of 2018, distributing products into a few gift shops within Amman. The branding identity combines the Bedouin roots of Jordan with the mystic feel of the desert landscape, enriched with a modern look.

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