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Lavender Wheat Bag in Pink

Seller: Handcrafted by Jane Risheq
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This unique wheat bag is keenly made to help heal, cool or relax any muscle or part of the body needed. Simple to use the wheat bag will work wonders for any purpose where it is needed. Finally, this product is beautifully packaged with a floral design and the smell of lavender adds the perfect touch to this useful product. Instructions to use are very simple: if wanted hot the wheat bag can be put in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, do not overheat. After a few uses it is recommended to place a cup of cold water in the microwave with the wheat bag in order to prevent the wheat drying out. If wanted to use cold, stick the wheat bag in the freezer for 3-4 hours or until it becomes a cold compress.

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Handcrafted by Jane Risheq

Jane is originally from the United Kingdom but moved to Jordan to settle down with her husband and four children. As her children began moving out, Jane found that she had an abundance of free time which allowed her to explore new ways to interact with, and shape, society. Jane began to produce unique products the range from luxurious tableware items (with an oriental twist!), to locally inspired handicrafts. Even taking into consideration all the difficulties in marketing and finding the raw materials for manufacturing, Jane finds a deep fulfillment and satisfaction in her work. She is proud to receive a lot of positive feedback from her customers. Jane’s work has had an incredibly positive impact on her life. Her true passions lie in the creation of products that not only meet, but exceed, expectations. Despite the sometimes difficult nature of her work, in the end, it's always worth it when she sees the happiness that her products inspire.

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