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This wall decor is the perfect piece to make you feel home and in a comfy environement !

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Laylac Handmade

Laila al-Wahdna is a 58-year-old retired principal from Jerash, the mother of six, and grandmother of two. Her story began once she had retired and began to feel an emptiness in her life that she had not known before. Her working life had been full of achievement and continuous work, which she devoted to the next generation. Upon retirement, she decided to research different art-forms, eventually finding that decoupage and home recycling interested her most. From there, she began to learn about production methods and materials needed to create an elegant final product. She started participating in a family association and slowly began to buy the necessary tools for the art form, which was not widely known at the time in her community. Now, Laila has set up workshops specialized in the art of decoupage and recycling in schools, bazaars, and associations.Laila explains a bit about her art form: "The art of decoupage is the art of cutting and pasting materials from the environment, or purchased at the lowest prices. to make art pieces, recycled home furniture, and more. We use surfaces such as wood, iron, stone, or even glass or cloth, and we paste newspaper, magazines, and tissue paper, painting...

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