Hand-embroidered Keychain (Orange)

Seller: Jerash Women Association
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Jerash is a small city in northern Jordan, home to some of the most extensive and well-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. It is also known for the quality of its local products, especially cheese and dairy products. The same commitment to quality shines through in this simple keychain, embroidered by hand by members of the Jerash Women's Association. This bright piece of Jerash's culture will help you keep track of your keys, while contributing to Jerash's local development.

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Jerash Women Association

In 1971 the Jerash Women's Association was founded. It began as a nursery and kindergarten project for children and after a year decided to expand to include women. It started the Sewing and Embroidery Project where the Noor Al Hussein Foundation was used to help train local community women. The Jerash Women's Association has trained more than 3000 women from the local community in Jerash. To date, the Association offers an array of courses and training workshops in various fields. It does, however, continue to face challenges from sourcing raw materials to the delivery and marketing of products. Regardless, the Association continues to work diligently to empower local women.What distinguishes the products of the Jerash Women's Association is the meticulous workmanship and attention to detail of expert-level craft. This quality, coupled with a variety of color, make each piece a uniquely exquisite work of art. Those who have purchased items from the Association often come back years later to ask for the same piece again, which gives the artists a deep sense of pride to have so many recognize and appreciate the quality of their work.In the beginning, given the Association’s beginnings in a rural society, the idea of women's...

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