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Green Wall Decor

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With hand embroidery, this vertical green wall decor was made, by adding the famous Jordanian symbols, the flag, and the Shemagh, made by one of the ladies in Tafilah, support her project by buying her products.

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Fringing the Shemagh is a true local form of art in Jordan, it needs a lot of detailed work and experienced methods.Ne’ma: “ I started fringing when I was young, and I was totally depending on it when my husband passed away when I was 23, it was really hard for me to work and care for my children at the same time!”Ne’ma faces a lot of daily struggles, as she is working as a trainer for a group of ladies, teaching them all the techniques required to Shemagh fringing and crochet as well.Ne’ma: “ I masker a lot of fringing techniques, from prince fringing to royalty and much more, I try to cater to all tastes and needs in my line of work.”Marketing is one of the major issues that Ne’ma faces as she is based in Tafeleh, her plan is to expand and reach clients all around Jordan and eventually, world wide, and this is why she chose Souq Fann as her marketing channel.

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