Fuzzy Wool Scarf in Red
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Fuzzy Wool Scarf in Red

Seller: Fatima's Crochet
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This warm fuzzy wool scarf in white and red is perfect in winter season to keep you warm, it has frills on its ends in white inspired by the Jordanian Shemagh, handmade by one of the ladies in Ma’an, support her by buying her products.

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Fatima's Crochet

Fatima is an ambitious mother form Ma’an with great future plans that include studying, working and overcoming all harsh challenges that she faces.Fatima: “ I got a spinal disc and that affected my motion, I couldn't finish school but I got back to studying with at-home private tutoring, I love philosophy and literature and I will work to achieve my goals.”Fatima loves to crochet, and she is skilled in stitching as she masters 300 different stitches, she added crochet patterns to the traditional Shemagh, and she keeps learning new methods and techniques every day.Fatima: “ I trained a number of ladies to help me with this project as I'm responsible for my family and their daily needs, and they are very hard tasks to combine!”Fatima hopes that by joining Souq Fann she will overcome the obstacles and reach new audiences and achieve her goals.

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