Fish Earring - White
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Fish Earring - White

Seller: Tarek Mohamed Hamdan
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Handmade earrings made out of recycled fabric and silver chains, this earring was made by Tareq, who was always dreaming of sculpting and drawing as a kid, grew up to become a master in these two, with hard work and determination, you can see the perfection in his work.
You can take part in supporting Tareq and his mission by ordering your favorite designs directly from Souq Fann, you'll receive a beautiful piece of art handmade with love and passion from Zaatari Camp, to your home!

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Tarek Mohamed Hamdan

Between the alleys of Zaatari camp, you will find many dreams, ideas, and arts. In fact, some of them were found inside the camp. Tarek is a man who follows his heart, whose childhood dreams did not materialize until he came to the camp. Tarek: “I dreamed of sculpture and drawing during my childhood. I worked in construction until the beginning of the war.” He uses raw materials such as recycled leather, Pencils, fabrics, and wood to make his childhood dream a reality by making fascinating pieces of art in the form of accessories and sculptures.“In all seriousness, I add a new and creative element to each piece so that I offer a unique product to all of my customers.”Psychological challenges are one of the biggest obstacles for people after war. Tarek uses his art to soften his reality and heal his past experiences.

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