Embroidered Table Placemat Set
Embroidered Table Placemat Set
Embroidered Table Placemat Set
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Embroidered Table Placemat Set

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Add heritage and culture to your home decor with these elegant embroidery tables set!

The embroidered table set contains three rectangular tablecloths, two small pieces, and one bigger size.
This three pieces table set is handcrafted featuring handmade embroidery, using beautiful colors and a frame of circle red tassels.
This hand embroidery set is a good idea to decorate your living room or kitchen with a traditional vibe, embellishing the heritage and culture with these colorful embroideries! Get it now!

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Meet the artist

Reem Salim

Reem Salim, a talented and passionate lady who started her project when she designed a thobe for a friend!This lady well devotes her time in order to take every opportunity in improving her talent in embroidery as she worked on her first journey with different stores for a small percentage... Read More

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