Eclectic Boho Side Table: Orange (Medium)
Eclectic Boho Side Table: Orange (Medium)
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Eclectic Boho Side Table: Orange (Medium)

Seller: Antekha
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A hand-painted, boho-inspired side table, featuring tassels and a playfully colorful design. The perfect way to spice up your living space with a bit of color and fun.

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Rama Jarrar is a young woman who found herself studying a specialty she did not care for. She eventually made the leap to change her life forever by following her passion for art, color, and design.Upon finishing high school, Rama had no idea what she wanted to study in University, let alone do with her life. She started University studying gymnastics and though she soon realized that this was not something that she enjoyed, she finished the degree regardless. A year after graduating, she returned to University to study graphics and pursue her love for art and design, receiving a diploma in graphics. Again, however, something was not quite right. It was not until she discovered her love for color, as reflected in her playfully colorful pieces and designs, that she found her niche. Though the road of discovery was long and turbulent, 29 year-old Rama has finally found what she loves to do.Rama has a natural affinity for things that are unique and strange, things that are far from the traditional -- this is how Antekha was born. The pieces found in Antekha cannot be found anywhere else. The team behind Antekha loves to satisfy the curiosity of people...

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