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Dream Catcher

Seller: Arrow Arts
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This is an original line drawing by the artist. The contrast between the gold paint and thin white lines adds a sense of depth to this work, which could be a unique accent piece for a bedroom - or wherever you want the protection of your own dream catcher.

5 item left 0.270 (kg) 18x23 (cm)

Arrow Arts

Arrow Arts began when 20-year-old Jood Na'im started painting in 2012. From the start, she received love and support from her family, which allowed her to fully pursue her passion. She opened her first art exhibition in 2017 with the encouragement of her close friends and family. This was Jood’s first major step in the artistic field. To keep the exhibition open, she decided to expand to an online space called Arrow Arts. The idea of Arrow Arts is that people can see Jood’s works of art on a permanent basis. Every day, her following online grows through Arrow Arts, which has allowed her to support more young artistic talents who might feel ashamed in the way of painting and art.  What distinguishes the work of Jude’s art is that each piece tells the unique story of a fictional life in another world: each canvas always has a new character that attracts a certain person or character to the piece. You, too, may soon find yourself in in awe of these paintings. Each canvas has a story different from the other and each canvas has a different shape depending on the artist who painted it. Jood believes that everyone is...

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