Dark Shades Shawl
Dark Shades Shawl
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Dark Shades Shawl

Seller: Cocoon - Mother and Baby
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A beautifully handcrafted shawl with a lot of colors. The perfect piece to stay warm and trendy at any time.

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Cocoon - Mother and Baby

Cocoon-Mother & Baby is the best place to find a unique gift for yourself or your baby as each item is made individually, with utmost care, using natural materials. Cocoon began with hand-sewn baby quilts and crib bedding sets but soon expanded to include other crocheted items when the founder, Shereen, couldn’t find the exact unicorn keychain her daughter wanted. She used her extensive knowledge of sewing to start crocheting items like dolls, stuffed toys, scarves, shawls, and more. As all her products are handmade, they hold Shereen’s personal signature. In her own words, she says:“I like the reaction I see on my clients face every time they see their order finished.  Many of them come back with compliments on how well made it was, and this feels even more rewarding than any profit made. I would love to believe that my products spread love and joy, weather to the one buying it or the one receiving it as a one-of-a-kind present.”

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