Cubic Concrete Money Saving Box
Cubic Concrete Money Saving Box
Cubic Concrete Money Saving Box
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Cubic Concrete Money Saving Box

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Are you saving money for a special purchase? Or do you like to save money every since in a while to get the money out and donate? Then, here is a stylish and chic money box handmade especially for you. This cubic money saving box is made from concrete and colored in white and grey mixture. In addition, it features a golden line around. This money-saving box has a simple slot where you can drop your money. Welcome your new saving box and reach your amount goal to make your new plan or purchase!

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Meet the artist


Subbeh is an innovative project done by three young Architects graduates from in Jordan, their project is based on using cement mixtures to make home decor pieces mixed with plant pots. The team makes sure that each piece is made with love and precision to be delivered to its new friend... Read More

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