Colorful Scarf
Colorful Scarf
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Colorful Scarf

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This authentic scarf is a keffiyeh designed in a modern way with colors that add awesomeness to it! The design, details, and tassels of this traditional keffiyeh make it versatile in many fashion applications. The fiber of this scarf makes it suitable to keep you cool on summer days and warm during cold days, get yours now!

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Meet the artist

Majeda Qarqoda

First Steps of Majeda's ProjectThe "Hadab Hems" is a niche of pride and prejudice that can be found on a cultural scarf decorating its edges particularly the Jordanian Shemagh and the Palestinian Keffiyeh. Every stitch of the 'Hadab" preserves the heritage and culture in a very distinctive way.Majeda Qarqoda is... Read More

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