Circular Petra Fish Statuette: Single
Circular Petra Fish Statuette: Single
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Circular Petra Fish Statuette: Single

Seller: Petra National Trust
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A beautiful statuette featuring a single red and blue fish, uniquely handcrafted and inspired by the youth of Petra. The perfect addition to any office or living space.

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Petra National Trust

Petra National Trust is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, which aims to promote and coordinate Jordanian and international efforts to preserve the unique combination of antiquities, natural environment, and human traditions in Jordan, particularly the city of Petra, one of world heritage sites. PNT believes strongly that members in local communities should participate in the decision-making process regarding the protection and preservation of their cultural heritage. PNT seeks to develop a new generation of leaders who are knowledgeable, creative, open-minded, engaged and able to protect and preserve one of Jordan’s most valuable resources: its heritage.Some of the challenges faced by PNT are part of their mission itself: empowering youth in their communities and increasing their opportunities to engage in programs that strengthen their culture and heritage. They also aim to help them improve their creative skills so that they can develop a source of income and revitalize cultural practices associated with their identity.Over the past several years, crafts have been a source of income for families and individuals and a part of the inherited cultural heritage that is passed through generations. Today, in the era of technology, traditional handcrafts are struggling to survive. Technology has replaced labor and large machines have...

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