Brown pillow
Brown pillow
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Brown pillow

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This pillow is natural brown and decorated with various forms of chicken filled with details as it was made entirely of environmentally friendly materials extracted from the Jordan Valley and formed its colors using natural dyes extracted From the Dead Sea mud and local plants and produced these artifacts by local women from Ghor Al-Safi. (The colors used here are completely extracted from natural materials and the color tones may differ slightly as a result of the coloring process, which is done manually. We will send a picture of the product before confirming the purchase request. Please contact via Mail a Hence, [email protected]).

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Meet the artist

Safi Crafts

In 1999, a group of women from the local community in Ghor Al Safi Village came together under the idea of creating goods using natural dyes. This is how Safi Crafts was born. Pigments from vegetables – like the red of the pomegranate, the yellow bark of the eucalyptus tree,... Read More

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