Blue and White Striped Cup Sleeve
Blue and White Striped Cup Sleeve
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Blue and White Striped Cup Sleeve

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This unique knitted cup

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Dinky Yarn

10 years ago, Zubaydah Saints of Irbid, Jordan, turned her hobby into her primary source of income. A former student of Radiological Technology at the University of Applied Sciences, Zubaydah has experienced a long and unconventional path in becoming the owner of the Dinky Yarn project. Her story began with her long-time passion and skill for knitting. Over time, her interest turned into its own source of income. Many of Zubaydah’s acquaintances and friends expressed their admiration for her creations by purchasing her products. Her popularity spread, requiring her to produce more and more in order to keep up with a growing demand. With the growth of her work came a range of difficulties like marketing and sourcing materials. However, neither these challenges nor the high costs of production hindered her from growing her small project.Since 2017, Zubaydah has been working on Dinky Yarn, which has given her the opportunity to create products in a unique style by mixing traditional ways of knitting with modern design. The raw material used in Zubaydah’s knitting projects is a material called kleim, different than traditional wool most others use. She weaves this with carefully selected colors to create high-quality products. Zubaydah aspires to...

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