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A unique shoulder bag made from the upcycled, all-weather material of discarded refugee tents. Crafted by refugee women from Za’atari Camp.

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Our vision is a world without poverty. We believe that every human being is entitled to a life of dignity and opportunity, and we work with underprivileged communities, local partner organizations, volunteers, and supporters to help this become a reality.“These bags are special and different from any other bags, because they are made of tents. They reflect the suffering Syrian refugees endured here in the burning hot summer and in the frigid winter”. Nour, Syrian refugee who participated in the Lel-Haya bags project.Lel-Haya means “for life”. Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan is home to nearly 80,000 Syrian refugees. After years of displacement, refugees in Za’atari have moved from their temporary canvas tents into more durable caravans. While living conditions have somewhat improved, refugee women in particular still have very few work opportunities. In Za’atari Camp, however, Syrian refugee women have seized the opportunity to earn a small income by upcycling discarded refugee tents to produce high quality bags out of a canvas made to withstand even the most extreme conditions. 100% of the profit from these bags is redistributed amongst the women who made them, allowing them the opportunity to help provide for themselves and their families. This project is...

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