Black Floral Embroidered Coin Purse
Black Floral Embroidered Coin Purse
Black Floral Embroidered Coin Purse
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Black Floral Embroidered Coin Purse

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We all love flexible accessories pieces that can be used every day and on the go totally like this black purse!

This black colored coin purse is exquisitely handcrafted with love by Arab women society in Jordan and it features very high quality. The purse is embellished with a purple, pink, and blue embroidered floral design.

This tote drawstring coin pouch is made of fabrics and it comes with stripes on the top to open and close it. Adding a more elegant touch, the stripes of the bag are ending with drooping tassels.

♥ Buy this coin purse great way to add some fun and color to your everyday wardrobe.

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Meet the artist


Al Nuzha Women Cooperative Society is a non-governmental multipurpose organization for women, registered in the Cooperative Institute and the Cooperative Union under the Cooperative Societies Law. The society was established through the initiative of a group of women in the Al Nuzha area of Jordan. Al Nuzha Women’s Society works... Read More

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