Beaded Accessory Set with Pendant
Beaded Accessory Set with Pendant
Jewelry & Accessories , Necklaces

Beaded Accessory Set with Pendant

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This set is fully handmade for you to style up any outfit in an elegant way!
The set consists of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and bell anklet.
The bracelet and necklace matching with pink beads and a star pendant, while the anklet features two bells from the sides, and the earing designed by just a star shape.
Gift this authentic set to yourself or your loved ones!

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Meet the artist

Najah Tah

The talented crafts lady Najah Taha was so lucky since she had the chance of being a part of the collaboration that occurred between Blumont and UNHCR which gives her the chance of attending vocational training with Souq Fann as she now can display her products through this virtual store.... Read More

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