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Banana Leaf Basket, Medium

Seller: Hadeel's Shop
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Banana tree bark cover with a distinctive design. There is no need to lengthy search for a suitable gift for men .. The art market did the job! You only need to order and the gift will be sent to you wrapped and ready completely!

3 item left 0.725 (kg) 30x10x30 (cm)

Hadeel's Shop

Hadeel’s Shop is a socially minded enterprise devoted to supporting and empowering the local community. Their two primary areas of interest involve supporting children with down-syndrome and preserving the Jordanian heritage and identity. Hadeel’s 5 year old son, Mohammed, was born with down-syndrome. His journey inspired her to organize workshops for other children similar to Mohammad. Hadeel’s Shop also aims to empower women and youth through handicraft trainings and workshops. All of their products are environmentally-friendly and highlight the Jordanian identity.However, Hadeel's Shop faces many challenges in both initiatives. Logistics, such as transportation, are difficult to coordinate with the workshops for the children. In her handicraft work, she faces difficulties when it comes to the supply of raw material. The market is limited and therefore Hadeel cannot always find what she is looking for. Because Hadeel's Shop works with seasonal natural materials such as banana leaves, there are also issues with finding a storage place isolated from moisture. Regardless of these factors, Hadeel continues to succeed and improve the community. "I believe that my initiative has a meaningful impact on the society, which had been recognized a few days ago through the obtention of a certificate of excellence in Tunisia. My...

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