Amigurumi Crochet Heart Brooch
Amigurumi Crochet Heart Brooch
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Amigurumi Crochet Heart Brooch

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A red heart accessory piece suits any outfit! A hand-knitted crochet brooch in a pattern of a red heart shape. This brooch pin is easy to clean. This red heart-shaped brooch would be perfect to deliver a special message to a special person on special occasions!

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Meet the artist

Amigurumi Dolls

Nibal AlNabulsi embraced childhood with her spontaneity and innocence, with her crafter hand she makes Amigromy dolls from crochet, being the first maker on Souq Fann of this kind. Nibal says I used to love handcrafts since I was at a very young age, I remember how I used to play... Read More

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