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A handcrafted rug made of wool, made in Egypt with Jordanian engravings and designs, with a bright red color, distinctive layouts, and a corrugated shape that decorates it, all ideal to add a wonderful elegance to your home.

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Aladdin For Handmade Carpets

It started all in Fawwa center in Kafr AlSheikh state, where Husam's father and grandfather worked in handmade carpets, and in 2000 his father bought a carpet factory in Al-Hussain in Cairo to expand his work and to be close to the warehouses in markets and bazaars.And since  a very young age Husam's father brought his two boys “Husam” and his older brother to work to practice on the loom during summer vacations and spare time, to learn and appreciate their ancestors craft and to understand work and to know the various types of carpets, and how much effort the craftsmen need to put just to make one piece of carpet. Husam and his family continued working in the factory until they had to close it due to the circumstances in Egypt, and use it as an inventory and open a store to interact with customers.Husam believes that what distinguishes their store is the various types of carpets they have, starting with luxurious carpets made out of the finest types of wool and most efficient ways of dying to the quality of affordable prices.As for the challenges they are facing, the main struggle is the well-trained craftsmen, according to Husam,...

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