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All questions asked by Sellers

Any individual or entity producing handmade products that are suitable to sell online.
No, its not necessary to be registered if you'd like to sell on Souq Fann
Its a possibility, you can always send a sample of your work and the team will get in touch with you soonest.
Souq Fann provides all needed services to promote handmade products!
You can reach out and send a sample of your designs to Souq Fann team and they will contact you soonest.
Souq Fann can not predict the number of products that will be sold.
Yes, Souq Fann offers local and international worldwide shipping service.
Souq Fann takes a percentage of 30% of sales in exchange for marketing and shipping performed by the Souq Fann team.
Sales profits (payments) are sent to vendors at the beginning of each month.